my studio :)


323 sq ft

a little retail too

ironing station and an antique desk for my daughter

music, essential right?

this is only one of 2 shelves of thread

inspiration board

great pillows by judah ross

orders waiting to go to the post today

dressing room with my little persian rug

jars of antique buttons

some good friends of mine, juki and rimoldi

custom built shelving for fabric

my little studio was completed over the weekend and i’m as happy as can be. my husband and my son did the heavy work including constructing 8′ high shelving for my fabric. nothing was terribly expensive. we found some good deals at IKEA in the kitchen section that worked for storage, pattern racks, even a magnetic bar that holds my bobbins. i bought the paper lantern star for the window and leave it on at night. coming here in the morning is heaven. the best part is my husband rented the suite next to mine with an adjoining door we leave open so we can still talk back and forth like we did when we worked at home. this is a lot more civilized. so it’s nice to be at home and just be there now, not distracted by work. i brought the laptop to the studio too so there’s no computers in our house anymore. all of it made for a really healthy change and one cute studio.

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