blog award of sorts

about a full month ago my friend elizabeth at primoeza was given a blog award that entails sharing 7 things about yourself. she then passed that request on to several other blogs she fancies and mine was one of them. thanks elizabeth! better late then never, here are 7 things in no particular order.

1. i am still afraid of the dark. if you could see me walking through the house at night alone i would probably still have this look on my face. at this age i used to wrap my hair around my neck at night to keep vampires away.

2. i was a late bloomer. children, marriage, my career.

3. at the height of the reagan era in the 80′s i took out a student loan and went to the then soviet union for 3 weeks, then stayed in europe another 3 months.

4. i once lived alone in a hotel for a year.

5. meeting my husband jeremy really saved my life.

6. i am american indian. my mom is navajo.

7. i’m a bit shy around people.

i now pass this honor to the ever cool mette. kristen, tell us a little about yourself now!

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