squaw valley out of season

g. riding the gondola down the mountain, unphased by how high up we are. i had to look away at times..

my wee ones.

olympic history museum.

marcello captures the moment (after we advised him to tilt the camera down 45 degrees). my hair is still wet, i look a mess, o well.


we spent the nite saturday at a big ski resort near lake tahoe. we live close by but it was the first time we’d taken our kids there. the last time we went alone and it was romantic and wonderful. in the morning we took the gondola to the top of the mountain where the olympic village still sits from the winter olympics in 1960.

this time we booked one of the condos with a separate room for the kids. it’s relatively inexpensive because there’s no snow, a little on the caps. we had a fireplace, kitchen, separate baths. i had my copy of vanity fair, i was set. sunday we took them to the top of the mountain and brought our swimming suits this time as there is a huge swimming pool and spa there. the view was breathtaking, the water was hot and the wind was cool but light. very relaxing.

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