the metropolitan museum


a hurried tour – she just wanted to go back to central park and at 4 years old i don’t blame her.
coming back from coffee yesterday in our neighborhood we passed Bird and my husband said didn’t you use to sell to them? i whipped around and went in. about 5 or 6 years ago oami and i were in ny doing sales and we’d read about Bird and decided to give it a shot. this is when they had the one location i think in the dumbo district with a small kid’s store next to it. still can’t believe we just walked in and the (then?) owners placed an order with us. Bird was great then but with much more casual lines. today i could never afford it (well those half off rachel comey shoes i bought a few weeks ago). i tried on a rachel comey dress, black boiled wool with a japanese feel to it. it felt fantastic and fit great. all the edges were raw. i really want to wash and dry some wool crepe now and mess around with draping…

also went to matta the other day. the pieces i really liked were simple loose dresses made with silk habotai, an inexpensive light weight silk. it made me realize you can create a great dress with an inexpensive silk just by tweaking the shirring details and making it interesting. would be great with a boiled wool jacket over it. or the raw edged version of my wool shell..

it’s hard for me to spend money on expensive clothes now because i usually want to attempt something similar myself. i did buy loads of cute leggings at uniqlo and a men’s grey cashmere sweater. we bought tons of clothes for my husband there. we’ve been ordering jeans online from them for the last year so it was fun (and totally nuts) to go in there.

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