a few new pieces for winter

grey wool topper with silk floral lining

one off party dress

new twist on wool shell

old rose wool dress with crochet lace

sometimes my inspiration level is low and other times it soars. i can’t sleep. i can’t wait for the sun to come up so i can start on whatever i’m working on. it feels a little like being in love. the last week i’ve felt like that. like there just isn’t enough time in the day to finish everything i’ve drawn on cocktail napkins and receipts. my goal was to create a little winter collection for etsy using the fabrics i have on hand rather than giving into my compulsion to shop for fabrics (my real addiction, not buying clothes). i’ve made a few dresses and a proper winter coat with spring’s floral silk print for the lining. the one off party dress i want to work into a wool version that will be very romantic. the parisienne dress will be available in the black metallic silk. i have some really special prints i was saving for spring – an anna sui silk and a feather light prada ! i’m going to make those into blouses for winter though, gorgeous under a heavy grey wool topper. hopefully by halloween i’ll have it all up and available on etsy.

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