i hadn’t been thrifting in a long time but last night i spent over an hour totally immersed in a thriftshop. back story – i had a big row with my kids that afternoon and then somehow my husband was pulled into it. sad. they all took off to do some work on the malibu at his dad’s house and i was left alone. a few minutes later my sister-in-law pulls up and tells me i should go look at all the christmas stuff at the new thrift store. i was in a lost and lonely mood until i arrived at the biggest collection of beautiful old junk i’d ever laid eyes on. i left with a box full of treasures for everyone and when i walked in the door at 8 o’clock all was forgiven. i gave my husband a pair of vintage sunglasses from france (he looks super cute in them). for my kids i had little sleighs, snowglobes, angels, golden reindeer. i found a beautiful old oriental dish set from england and some kitschy s & p shakers i love.
i know it’s shameless but christmas started early here. a box of ornaments, some french sunglasses and a toast of whiskey turned everything around.

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