portland & portland

modaspia hanging in chelliswilson

chelliswilson in portland, maine

una in portland, oregon

una curiosities

the modaspia fall collection landed in two very special stores this year, on opposite coasts. i love both of these stores and have a great deal of admiration for their proprietors. ironically they’re both in portland – oregon and maine.

Una is in portland, OR. it’s a small shop, very arty and eclectic. giovanna has an incredible eye for clothes, art and jewelry. she has 2 blogs, one devoted to art and one to the shop. i just came across a post she did on modaspia. i think it’s going well as i took orders through etsy in the last few weeks from 3 of her customers who went in and bought modaspia. nice!

Chelliswilson is in portland, ME and is beautiful in a way you wish your house was. i do anyway. barbara, the owner is like no other shop owner i’ve met before. she is very fond of art, music, design and the power these things can have in the world. it’s always interesting to talk to her and i feel honored to be a part of her shop this season (and next spring!).

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