hamish bowles in oakland


november issue of american vogue

lumatwill riding suit by b spoke tailor

foraged spread for hamish and friends

nancy of b spoke tailor (3rd from right)

i was reading the november issue of vogue last night and came across an article by hamish bowles (the vogue european editor at large) about his stay in oakland, ca with urban farmer and author, novella carpenter. the article is interesting and kind of a scream. hamish is used to a comfortable lifestyle yet for a few days he’s taken in by novella and her husband and shown how to forage fruits, vegetables and other edibles in “the ghetto”. novella’s cultivated a garden in one of the poorest, bleakest areas of oakland with fruit trees, vegetables, rabbits and goats.

while touring novella’s neighborhood they stop at nancy eastep’s studio so hamish can be fitted for some proper biking clothes and still remain fashionable. nancy taught me everything about sewing and pattern making that i know today so it was very cool to see her mentioned in the article. i wish they’d included some images of her clothes. she’s a fantastic designer. in the last few years she’s been making biking gear exclusively after not being able to find anything cool and functional. when i worked with her we made bespoke suits in wool crepe and sportswear. everyone loved her clothes. i still love her style. check out the picture of hamish being fitted on her blog!

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