forecast – rain

sewing & sunning by the window

less an inspiration board than people and places i like to think about

some framed photos from spring’s lookbook shoot.

today is so warm and sunny, it’s hard to believe we’re in for rain for the next 5 days. just as the kids get out of school for a week long recess too. i can only hope my plan works and they have fun – more brainwashing with old movies (the day the earth stood still, journey to the center of the earth, some like it hot) etc.
next week we’re headed to SF to see my sister and her family for thanksgiving and then say hello to santa at macy’s. don’t laugh, i love it too. not just them. i get them all dolled up for the photo. when marcello was born and his first christmas rolled around i couldn’t wait to take him to see santa. i was 38 and my mom and i drove him to the mall, still in his pajamas. he was 7 mo.s old and looked like an angel from the bible, just perfection. that day is one of the happiest in my life because i was with my mom (who is all of 19 yrs older than me) and my first baby and doing this silly tradition that still makes you feel warm and together. he didn’t cry, he laughed and smiled. my mom was a teenager when she had me and i guess i followed an opposite path getting married and having children so late. still, it felt so good to finally share this.

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