there was an interview with astrid kerchherr today on the radio and it was interesting to put the voice to everything i’ve read about her and her relationship with stewart sutcliff, one of the original beatles. i first saw pictures of them years ago and was immediately fascinated by the pair. she looked as beautiful and detached as jean seberg or edie sedgwick with her cropped blond hair and beatnik style. she and stewart were madly in love. she took loads of photos of him. he was gorgeous beyond words. sadly he died very young while she tried her best to take care of him. in the interview it’s plain she still loves him very much and says straight out he was the love of her life, nobody else like him. she’s almost 70 now. she abandoned photography early on though she continued to work as a photographer’s assistant. said she didn’t think anyone was genuinely interested in her work outside of the beatles. there are a few books on her work. i’d love to pick up the new book, astrid kirchherr: a retrospective.

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