it's winter at twentyfive


our little winter collection is up at twentyfive today. BUT! if you see something you really fancy you should maybe wait ’till monday november 29th when we’re offering a 15% discount for one day only (cyber monday after all).
i love my olive wool fiji – i decided to keep it after the photo shoot. the fabric reminds me of vintage dresses from the 40′s with that heathered olive/blue tone.

hope you enjoyed the (american) holiday. i took the week off with my kids while they were out of school. we visited family and stayed at the st. francis hotel in SF, which is really special this time of year. in the lobby is a great castle made of sugar with a toy train going around it. thanksgiving night as we checked into the grand old hotel, with everyone bustling around on a holiday usually spent at home, it reminded me of something i couldn’t quite put my finger on. but now i can – the titanic!

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