sophie crumb: evolution of a crazy artist


this is one of the books my husband gave me for christmas. i’ve never been interested in comics with one rare exception. a long time ago i picked up a comic by sophie crumb in berkeley, curious about her after watching the film crumb about her famous father. it was mostly full of little illustrated stories about her coming of age in paris after leaving home in the south of france. the whole family had moved there from san francisco when she was quite young. they are a fascinating family if you’ve never heard of them.

this book is a collection of her drawings beginning at age 2 up to her present age, 28. first of all she could really draw by the time she was 4, it is bizarre to see her ability then. mostly it’s just really interesting to watch someone grow up through their drawings. it’s one thing to write about your life. this is just so much more raw somehow.

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