our wedding day (i am four months pregnant).

9 years later to the day :)

today is our wedding anniversary. despite the glum face i’ve never felt so happy. we actually celebrated last night, without the kids. had a lovely dinner at the sequoia (housed in a 19th c victorian overlooking the old graveyard). very romantic. i’m exhausted today though and it shows. too much beautiful wine and filet mignon.
9 years ago we were engaged and planning a wedding in the spring. i’d made my dress, tea length heavy silk satin with long sleeves that came a little over my hands. it had an overlay of sheer silk that had an ivy embroidered motif. it did have a plunging neckline however and boy did i fill that out by the time we got married in the middle of january. i had let all the seams out as much as possible. i wanted to wear my dress, couldn’t imagine wearing anything else.
today over burgers i told my son marcello that he was in fact at the wedding that day. he’s been wondering about those dates for about a year now. i don’t want him to ever feel like it’s something to be ashamed of. he just smiled and said, “maybe i heard you that day”.
our wedding was at a very old church in san francisco that although christian places a heavy emphasis on appreciation of the natural world. inside there is a huge fireplace and the holy water is in a seashell at least a foot in diameter. it’s actually kind of witchy. both my children were babtized there from the babtismal seashell.

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