new house

the backyard – little stone steps everywhere lead to different parts of the garden.

living room with big picture window looking onto garden and hills.

fireplace with little cubby holes

arched doorways to dining room.

view out the picture window.

one of many walls made with river stones.

bedroom window looking onto garden.

light fixture with bulb the size of a peacock egg.

glass door knobs throughout.

kitchen awaiting the old wedgwood stove we bought a few months back.

side of house.

now that’s a chimney!

i have to share this because it is so exciting to me. we’re buying this lovely old house from the 30′s. today we finished with the house inspection and to my great relief nothing terrible came up. it is old with chipped paint and fixtures but very good bones. i can’t wait to move in and start decorating. can’t wait for spring, to work on the garden!

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