a coveted jumper


this beautiful jumper was a gift from my pal elizabeth at primoeza who just added a new branch to her line of knitwear.  there are other jumpers in the collection i love just as dearly with tiny pockets and simple embellishments that make the jumper so unique.  the cut of the sweater is dead on.  the craftsmanship perfect and quality of the wool as you would wish for in a sweater you planned to wear often.

a few people were discussing on her blog awhile ago how knit garments, especially wool,  just seem to last longer  in one’s wardrobe and even in one’s memory.  being very sentimental i’ve always felt like this about different bits of clothing i’ve held on to.  a little cream colored wool bonnet with pale blue stitching around the edge and a lilac satin ribbon that tied in front i wore as a baby.  wool retains that sort of long ago smell too that can really wash over your imagination.

want to hear something weird?  i have a little pair of socks my daughter wore when she was about 2 or 3 in a zip lock bag in my dresser.  they had that baby smell to them that day and i decided to hold on to it.  i’ll open the bag a long time from now after she’s left home and probably cry.

i was thinking how i will probably have this new jumper many years from now and always associate it with the year we bought our first house, my kids were young and we were all together.  thanks elizabeth.

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