sophie is sort of my cat, she’s feral.  the first time she came anywhere near me was a little over year ago.  i fed her steaming chicken from a pot of stock i was making.  there was a blanket of snow everywhere and she was hopping around in it gauging how close to come to me.  i fell in love with her right away.  she’s very small, with black bunny fur peppered with gold.  her front teeth are walrus-like.  i pick her up occasionally.  it’s not easy to do but when i do she purrs and doesn’t struggle to get away.  i’ve never seen her get knocked up.  i have seen her fight the local bullies and she always walks away unscathed.  she’s amazing!

i want to take her with us when we move.  i’m sure i can get her into a cat carrier but i feel a little weird taking her away from grounds she’s familiar with.  i don’t think she’ll survive long if i leave her behind.

curious if anyone’s done this?  moved a feral cat to new grounds.

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