nerdy post

spring collection awaiting pressing, tagging and packing.  these are just the orders going out 2/28.

caution – this post may appeal only to sewing nerds.  the spring 2011 collection bound for the shops is in it’s “pressing and packing” stages, something i used to dread.  two things changed that completely.  the first thing i did is give up on using home irons and finally invested in the cadillac of irons from naomoto, a japanese brand.  i only wish i had bought this earlier, the difference is so incredible.  it emits a gentle but powerful blast of steam by way of a water drip attached above.  mine is secured on a hook so when i want to add water or change the filter i can take it down easily.   the results are really beautiful.

i also hired someone to actually DO all of the pressing, lenore.  she’s funny, sweet and our kids go to school together.  she has no interest in sewing whatsoever but she does a beautiful job getting each order together from start to finish.  there are 3 deliveries beginning at the end of january.  after that come random late spring deliveries and then a scattering of summer deliveries.  this is a huge amount of prep work on top of a busy sewing schedule.  maybe this is obvious to some but it wasn’t to me – if you’re trying to do it all and it’s just too much for one person, consider paying someone to help.  it’s worth it !

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