modaspia travel collection

i’ve been holding back a bit of exciting news.  there will be a collection available on soon intended for travel and available year round.  i have traveled in my own clothes many times and found it easy to take only a few things, the basics that i can mix and match, wash and hang to dry in a hotel room and still look good the next day.  it was after hearing from customers with the same experience – some on pretty extensive travels – that i thought it might be cool to pare down a collection to something that looks good and is easy to throw on.

- the fiji dress in charcoal linen or indigo organic denim (this dress has become a staple)

- black and white l/s striped tee (essential right?)

- charcoal linen skirt (great with the tee and cute shoes you find on your travels)

- the black silk parisian dress (packs so well because it’s already crumpled!  a go to dress to feel instantly glamorous in your new surrounds)

we are shooting the collection wednesday and it should be up early next week.

p.s – today is my birthday!  nee ursula bergeron in 1964.  not embarrassed,  happy to be here!  xo

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