modaspia – a retrospective


as promised!  i wish i had time to make this more special .. i have yoga and then have to get to the studio.  most of these are photographs i keep in a box.  we used to shoot with a little 35 mm and the hasselblad.  much later we switched to digital.  my husband jeremy has always been our photographer.  oami was my collaborator and partner from 2003 – 2007 and in that time we both learned a lot.  neither of us went to design school.  oami studied art history in new zealand and i studied english.  it is odd and wonderful and that we created modaspia together in that time.  they are some of my fondest memories, working together in my kitchen.  pregnant, nursing, cooking, drawing, sewing, lauging, worrying and feeling like we had actually turned into designers along the way.

2002 – designing straight up vintage style for a small shop in SF.

2003 – first work with oami.  she created all the textiles and i designed the garments.


2004 – the biba jacket which gave modaspia a real start.

2005 – we both read nylon magazine.  can you tell?

2005 – shot in a freezing deserted warehouse in oakland.

2006 – shot with the hasselblad near merrit park in oakland.  monica was a lovely model to work with.

2006 – i loved these belts oami made.  screen-printed lace on black suede.  my boucle and silk velvet sweater.









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