my beloved K A L X


KALX is the college radio station in berekely, california.  i listened for years and years after turning the dial and suddenly hearing a song by australia’s the go-betweens.  it was love at first listen.  who are these dj’s who seem to know my music ?  i’m not a snob about music.  just very sentimental.  very moved by some music.  there is some music i cannot ever listen to again .. billy mackenzie of the associates.  just too sad, too much.

when we moved to this little town i didn’t think much about KALX.  i started listening to NPR all day and realized i was finally starting to absorb some details about the news of the world.  we’ve been here 5 years now.  if you were to ask me what i miss most about the bay area, where we moved from, KALX would be in the top 3.  the others being my sister and any apt. we lived in with our baby .. oof i feel the tears coming on already.

i told my husband this on saturday and he picked up my i-phone and pushed some buttons.  he handed it to me and suddenly i was listening to KALX streaming through clear as a bell.  at work this morning the rain was coming down softly outside.  a welcome rain.  KALX was playing next to my sewing machine, an older much needed friend.

sometimes the news of the world is just too much.  too much sadness.  too much to be absorbing all day.

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