week off

a few pictures from the week off i had with my kids.  i tried to make it special and fun and not yell as much – ha ha!  if you’re a mother you know how it goes.  i wasn’t working so it was easier to listen, play, just do stuff together without being distracted.  i needed the break too.  we went to san francisco for a couple of days and splurged on the hotel nikko.  spent a day at the science museum – highly recommended.  i hadn’t been there since i was a kid and you could throw pennies onto the backs of the alligators.  certainly none of that going on anymore!  in their place was one lone albino crocodile, so beautiful.  the rain forest exhibit had an insane aquarium you view from above with sunlight pouring down onto it.  we had pancakes on mason st. and rode the cable car after i sorted out how to skip the long queue and jump on further up stockton st.  we shopped in chinatown, had pizza in north beach and then headed to my sister’s home in mill valley for a couple of days for one of 3 upcoming birthday parties for giulietta.  back home in time for easter we spent a very long and celebratory afternoon at my friend alanna’s.  the party moved from her house to the neighbors and back with lots of kids, dogs, wine and good food.

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