costume change

this morning it was time to go back to work after taking an unplanned 3 days off.  i puttered.  put in a new garden.  threw stuff out.  let my son play hooky yesterday on his 10th birthday.  feeling laid back i wasn’t in a rush to get us to school.  i sat in the bath with my 6 year old daughter 10 min. before it was time to leave.  suddenly my son rushes in and reminds me it’s living history day at school and they both have to dress in traditional gold rush garb.  i actually live for stuff like this, last minute halloween costumes and the like.  i jumped out of the tub and quickly dressed them both as “miners”?  i wasn’t even sure what they should be wearing but at least it involved jeans, western shirts, boots and a cowboy hat.  everyone headed out the door on time.  my husband actually drives them to school .. i’ve walked them to school a handful of times.

5 min. later he calls and says she doesn’t want to wear this, none of the other kindergartners are dressed up for some reason.  he’s furious.  supposed to be in a meeting within minutes.  he brings her back and i change her clothes.  she asks if she can still wear the boots and i say sure.  the boots look like they belonged to bootsy collins.  they were given to her a couple of years ago and now fit and man does she LOV them.  they’re outrageous and have a bit of a chunky heel.  school’s almost over i thought what the hell wear ‘em you look great.

i drive her back to school and as we arrive in front she reminds me she’s got a field trip today that is a long walking tour of the town … she can’t wear these boots today.  we race back to switch out the boots to her tennies.  outrageous.

anyway, i’m back and we’ll be shooting the summer collection on lara the beautiful teenager.  the tunics are so, so pretty .. i wish there were more, especially the one in a miu miu fabric.  the fiji dresses are beautiful too .. such great prints.  can’t wait to share.  i’ll try to get this collection into the shop late this afternoon.

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