an english garden

yellow tickseed flowers and icelandic poppies

spanish and english lavender

apple blossom yarrow

roses of course

rice flowers

purple dahlia

jupiter’s beard, a pretty weed

not long ago i came across a picture of a cottage in england with the front door surrounded by climbing roses and  a ramble of flowers and shrubs in front, the classic english garden.  i was so struck by the picture i dreamt that night my own cottage was covered in vines of roses, honest.  the next day i grabbed an old moleskin notebook i had and started taking notes on how to make an english garden of my own.  i researched what plants might thrive in our hot summer and the light winter snow and got to work.  the first thing i put in were climbing roses in front of my son’s bedroom window of course.  the idea with an english garden is that you create a space that appeals to your own sense of color and smell.  then you let it grow like mad until it’s an un-manicured mass of beauty and scent.  at the top i chose mostly purples, pinks, cream colored flowers.  i surrounded it with small rosemary bushes and a white blooming dogwood tree in the middle.  a little further down i planted a red bud tree and rock roses.  at the bottom of the terrace it’s a circus of yellow, red and white flowers, bee balm and my own bird bath concoction.  i doused that area with wild flower seeds yesterday too.  there are butterflies, velvety bumble bees and hummingbirds coming in low to drink from the bulbs that popped up in spring.  it was as much fun (more actually) than working on a collection.  there’s a quote – the gist of it anyway is one of life’s greatest pleasures is a walk in an english garden.  amen.

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