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102 degrees here today.  i’m sporting a victorian parasol to keep the sun off my already sunburned skin.  i get a lot of looks downtown!  speaking of downtown … i have some exciting news.

modaspia is moving.  we’re leasing an entire building (circa 1876) on main street where we’ll have the studio and a very large retail space.  i love the place.  hardwood floors, high ceilings, open plan, with a huge skylight beaming down filtered sunlight.   i can’t even begin to express how excited i am about opening up this little emporium.  each night we make notes and plans about where to put things and what to sell.  on the list – modaspia of course but also locally made scented soaps, woolens, bees wax candles, jewelry and tin toys.

when we bought our house last year i had so much of how i wanted it to look already in my head from pillows to rugs to furniture.  i have a pretty clear idea of how i’d like to set up shop as well.  minimalist, with victorian furnishings (which will be so fun to look for).

more updates soon !  u.  xo

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