a raw space


a quick shot of the new space we’ll be occupying in early september.  there is much to do and thank god i’m not in charge of that part.  the building is getting a make over right now with the floors refinished, walls painted and new bathrooms.  meanwhile i’ve been shopping around for furnishings and importantly, the window displays.  the windows at the front of this place are long and deep.  it’s actually a little intimidating sorting out what to put in there but i think i came up with something simple and magic.  there are a handful of stores that stay in my memory because of the overall feel of the place.  erica tanov is wonderful as is pipsqueak chapeau in new york.  doe in san francisco was like nothing else in it’s day there.  i think i’ve borrowed a little from these places with what i want to do in my own shop.  btw we’ll be having a grand opening party about a month after we move in.  if you’re in the area that night, please come by.  it’s sure to be a good time.  indian summer!

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