japan town

last week i took my kids along on a shopping trip to SF to pick up things for the new store.  i had in mind exactly where i wanted to go, a basement level hardware store in the heart of japan town.  i used to go to this same spot many years ago and buy these same dishes so it was like christmas picking them out for my own store.  i use the small ones for jewelry at home or as a last minute gift.  they’re also great for sushi!  we picked up some fun traditional japanese shoes too, wood and red velvet.  hand-painted paper umbrellas for the sun.  also a string of colored ball lights for one of the display windows.  i wish i’d bought another of these for my house.  picking out the turkish and persian rugs next week from an etsy seller i’ve been working with.  they’re gorgeous AND affordable.  we decided to use the month of september (minus the week we’ll be in nyc) to put the place together.  we’ll open in october to the public.  fyi – i’m not crazy .. not expecting this to be harrods of london or anything.  when i saw the building come up for rent i fell in love with it.  it’s actually more affordable than the 3 suites we rent currently to work from.  it’s been a dream to have a shop of my own for many years.  our wee little town needs something like this too i think .. and it’s a great launching pad for opening a store next year in the san francisco bay area.  a real endeavor.

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