loulou’s nightclub and tea house reopened in london recently.  there was a beautiful editorial about the different rooms in vanity faire that made me gape.  i even have the first picture above taped to my refrigerator.  i love this kind of bohemian decadence.  the pillows alone made me swoon.  it turns out clothing designer rifat ozbek, with no prior experience doing interior design, was asked to do each of the rooms as well as the terrace.  i love the tiles, look closely.  it also turns out rifat has a new gig, creating cushions from traditional turkish textiles (he is turkish).  i love them.  this is dating myself again but i have a picture i tore out of vogue in the late 80s of rifat seated on the floor of his paris apartment.  i think there was something written in bold turkish letters on the wall and his tv is perched on a couple of pillows on the ground.  he looks young and exotic.  i taped it in my lonely girl diary.  i guess the picture on the refrigerator worked by osmosis because my husband started bidding on wall sconces from the 30s for the house.

ozbek’s cushion shop, Yastik located in istanbul.

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