persian rugs


yesterday i met with a very charming man who sells incredible rugs from iran and turkey.  the prices are very reasonable.  so reasonable in fact i ended up buying 2 for my home (see above) and 3 for the shop.  i’ve long admired these hand knotted wool rugs from iran.  back story, my sister is married to an iranian and the first time i visited their apartment i was bowled over by the persian rugs in every room including the kitchen.  he has some really special pieces with very intricate designs.   at one point he kindly gave me the small rug that was in their kitchen and i felt like that was going to be the beginning of a collection some day.  i bought another at ikea when we moved into our new house, a major investment.  on etsy of all places i found more and at much better prices.  i went a little crazy yesterday, expecting to buy at most 3 but it was like a dream come true choosing these rugs.  the colors in some of them made my head spin .. coral, celadon, grey, teal … textiles.  i woke up this morning and felt like i was inside the genie bottle.

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