some pictures of the manhattan loft we rented last week where i met with roughly a third of my buyers to show them the spring collection for next year.  it was an experiment and boy did it work.  this was not a traditional trade show after all.  i rented a nice spot in manhattan about a mile from the big trade shows where a booth runs 6-10 grand for a 6 ft. rack.  you can see i had a little more space than that.  i poured campari, served snacks and modeled everything.  they loved it.

it was fun walking over to the ace hotel for coffee in the morning.  hitting uniqlo the last day,  buying  jeans and cute clothes for the kids.  we walked over to the new pipsqueak chapeau store and met a cute girl named lily who still owns a house in california a few hours from where i live.  i left with a little linen jacket and blouse.  she wants my sweater (modaspia), a compliment!  it was great to see how the store was set up.  i stopped at erica tanov and treated myself to some antipasti socks and tights.  they’re so beautiful.  when we got home we learned our new building is nearly done.  i’m hoping we’ll be moving in the next week or so.  soon i’ll be tackling my new job as designer and proprietress.  glad i have some nice socks to wear.

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