last night

i stayed open late last night at the shop.  it was the “festival of lights”, a small town event that draws all the locals as well as people from san francisco.  it was interesting .. it’s like the city mouse and the country mouse a little.  and funny to be on this side of things, to be the person from the small town and call it home.  the store seems to be a bit of a magnet for people looking for something different.  i’ve met people i had no idea were here.  a few older moms like me from oakland and san francisco, who moved out here once they started having kids.  they were interesting, relaxed, cool .. self-employed!  both of my teenage models from the past year stopped by, paris (above right) and lara.  i found paris through becky (pictured with her husband and baby).  becky is also a designer from placerville and a very good one at that.  she and her sister had the award-winning label velvet leaf a few years ago.  she still designs and sells great vintage finds through her online shop.  becky took over my old studio on main street after i moved out.  turns out the shop is a great place to make friends ..

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