don’t look back.


happy new year.

i had a very hard december.  the degree to which things went wrong within a matter of weeks was dumbfounding.  some things seem minor in comparison to others to be sure.  they all had something in common though, they all came out of nowhere and together felt like a curse or something (and so close to christmas!).  i don’t mean to be cryptic, vague.  i just want to catch up a bit and i haven’t had the time or the nerve to do it until now.  the good news is things are much better.  there was a point where it felt like .. i swear to god, like the earth started revolving the other way on me.  i no longer had my bearings.  i don’t think i’ve ever experienced anything like it so here it is.

one major change came with the shop.  my shop i spent 2 months getting ready and then opened to the public for less than that amount of time.  suffice to say the landlord was a heel.  the building went up for sale, sold and we moved out.  it was crushing, insane.  the time and effort my husband and father-in-law put into helping me makes my want to cry.  to be honest i don’t care about my own efforts that much.  it was all the help i got from those two (who don’t have a lot of extra time to begin with).  around the time we learned of the building being sold loads of dresses coming back from production went missing for weeks.  thousands and thousands of dollars … you get the picture.  meanwhile i marched around town looking for someplace to move my business a week before christmas.  a routine doctor’s visit turned up some weirdness and now i know why old people never want to go to the hospital ha ha.  with all of this going on at once i found it hard to eat and lost 10 lbs  i didn’t really need to lose and my already thinnish hair of late became limp, like it gave up too.

one morning i got a break.  i was standing with lexi in front of the shop wondering what i was going to do when i noticed a for lease sign upstairs in the building across the street.  it turned out to be exactly the place i need right now.  we rented 2 big suites the next day.  they are big, bright, warm and very private.  i love all the folks i met in the old shop but to be honest i don’t feel that sociable.  i just want to be alone with my husband in the studio and get back to work.  privacy never felt so good.

since we’ve moved on i’ll tell you a few things i don’t miss about the old place.  yeah, it had the wow factor to be sure.  it was also colder than a witch’s tit in there.  it also lacked any place to shoot the clothes, which broke my heart because that’s a really fun part of the job.  there just wasn’t any natural light.  the new place has gorgeous light, yay!

the dresses turned up a few days after that, out of the blue.  2 weeks later as if they’d come from the other side of the world.  christmas came and it was beautiful.  my daughter talked constantly of wanting to go to the north pole to visit santa.  i wondered if she’d still believe all this next year.  so i tried to soak it in, all her fairy magic talk about elves and santa.  just in case.

right after christmas we moved, my husband and i, one cart load at a time across the street.  the new place came together nicely.  we use the larger room overlooking downtown for our studio.  out the window are pine trees and i can actually see the outline of my home up on the top of the hill.  the second suite houses all the wholesale clothes in one half and the other half i turned into a little shop!  it’s small but sweet and actually looks pretty good, the condensed version of the old shop.  i’m not expecting a lot of foot traffic but it’s there.  should really get a sign downstairs eventually.  and the limp hair?  cut it all off the other day.  i’m sporting that anouk aimee look in 8 1/2.  with the glasses too.

my longest post to be sure and certainly the most personal.  i do appreciate being able to share parts of my life here, my ups and downs.  i hope i haven’t said too much.  here’s looking forward to a fresh start in 2013 eh?

ursula xo

the new studio.

through the window into little version of shop.  yes, we salvaged the gold leaf lettering.

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