at christmas time my daughter was in little recital at school.  all of the kindergartners sat on stage, the taller ones standing in back.  giulietta stood.  everyone was in their christmas “finery” which meant big poofed dresses with glittery headbands and black patent leather shoes.  i was late and sat just to the side in the front row with my husband.  i looked around at the other parents who came, mostly kids themselves in their 20s.  i am much older than them.  people stared at their phones,  preparing to take photos.  the kids started to sing and everyone watched, happy.  i started to cry immediately, in a way that was hard to stop or hide.  the 3rd or 4th song they sang directly to their families, with hand gestures .. it was impossible to bare.   48 years old and slayed by children singing christmas songs.

my best friend came to visit me last weekend.  miss powers. what a name!  we had some good laughs, shared a lot of secrets and dreams and then she drove away.  i was overcome by the same feeling and cried like a baby afterward.

both times i knew it was something special.  something rare and sweet in my life.

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