sunday – come see us, won’t you?

hey gang – if you’re going to be in san francisco this weekend stop by and see us at the hayes valley festival going on this sunday 5/5 from 11 – 6.  BOOTH 83.  we were at the festival (last year?) and it was a huge success.  it’s a great opportunity to pick up special vintage modaspia (as seen above) as well as a great selection of spring gear.  most of the vintage is priced at under $30, like a super glamorous charity shop.  all spring clothing priced under $100.  i like the hayes valley event for a couple of reasons.  it’s easy to navigate, being in a little urban park with grass and a playground and no cars.  the food nearby is fantastic.  i love supenkucche for german food.  lastly, the vendors are well edited.  just a wonderful display of talent.  my dear friend deirdre will be there of the uber-fun local label curator.  we’ll be carrying her jackets and coats later in the fall online, something i’m looking forward to.  grab your parasol and come on down!

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