i watched melancholia a few nights ago, the lars von trier film with charlotte gainsbourg and kirsten dunst.  it is beautifully shot and emotionally draining.  basically, the end of the world is nigh as earth comes closer and closer to colliding with a small planet that’s been “hiding” behind the sun all this time.  charlotte and kirsten are sisters, charlotte being the “well-adjusted” grown up and kirsten being the one prone to extreme melancholy.  if you’ve seen the film you know the ending is hard to watch.  charlotte tries hopelessly to shield her young son from what’s about to come, carrying him in her arms heavily. crying and falling.  i cried throughout.  kirsten on the other hand is stoic, expectant.  it turned me against her even though i suppose it is in part her mental illness that saves her from the kind of pain her sister endures.  she has always felt alone so ..

i hadn’t seen the movie yet when i bought this magazine a few months ago so i went back to it curious about what she had to say about the film.  especially after a good pal told me about the insane interview the director gave at cannes following the premier.

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