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yesterday’s photo shoot went well, bit of a challenge with the temperature soaring toward 100 f. all day but we managed.  the studio was cool inside and those shots were a breeze.  we ventured out but the light was hard and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  mei, my model, looked pretty exotic walking down main street in the clothes.  i’d like to do more outdoor pictures after the weather cools, for fall.  i live in a kooky old western town and it still looks pretty much as it did back in the gold rush era so it makes for an interesting back drop.  the tie trousers were a hit, i’m so glad!  below are some of the studio shots we did.  big thanks to oami for her last minute styling tips.  deep summer collection now available in my shop.

bauhaus dress

tie trousers

half moon tunic

silk blouse

asymmetrical skirt (smokey grey)

asymmetrical skirt (nutmeg)

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