some pictures from yesterday afternoon as we drove around.  we’ve knocked around the idea of buying some land for awhile now.  originally we wanted to come to this town to build a house.  we entertained a lot of ideas for a house, each special. the bottom line was it  had to be economical.  we had almost no money at the time.  in the end we were going to build a large barn with a loft and live on my father-in-law’s 10 acres here.  our situation improved thank god and we ended up buying the cottage we have now in town.  still, for years we talked about owning land and what we’d do with it and that dream didn’t exactly die down after we bought the house.  i’ve always wanted to move modaspia into my own place.  sadly that move last year was a big mistake.  it did make me realize i have absolutely no interest in owning a store, none.  it also made me realize i’m not a big fan of renting, though our landlords here in the new studio are great.  i’d just love to have a place of our own to work out in the country.  my husband wants to grow hops and build a radio tower.  my son wants to ride his quad around and play with his RC’s.  giulietta wants to play house and get more chickens (so do i).  i’m not sure if this will happen.  it’s a crazy investment of money and deserves a lot of thought.  that didn’t stop us from looking at 2 pieces of land yesterday, one overlooking the american river and the canyon.  we’re going to see one together this afternoon that i’ve already been out to.  2 acres with a modern barn and loft.  roses, peaches, apples, grapes, dogwood trees, pines.  really beautiful ..

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