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modaspia is available in over 37 shops across the US and canada.  i’ve been working with most of them for almost a decade now.  i know each buyer’s name, where they’re from and even their kid’s names in many cases.  i’ve met most of them in person, in new york when we get out that way to show the collection but most of our business is done by email these days.  this is how old school it was in 2003!  oami was my partner at the time and we’d call a store we fancied being in on the telephone (plugged into the wall) and ask for an appointment.  we’d then drive with all our gear over to said store and get extremely nervous but excited showing them what we were doing.  when we got an order we were beside ourselves.  we had to look up what line sheets were and didn’t understand that you show a collection 6 months in advance until a shop owner explained it to us.   still we did alright and after meeting with a french woman in los angeles who dug the clothes we landed a $36,000 order.  that was our second order.  we sat in the airport cafe and tried to figure out how we were going to fund all this .. i swear if we weren’t both married i’d have kissed her right there!  well we figured it out – use a credit card.  we used our personal credit cards, always a bad idea right.  sometimes you gotta take a chance though.  for the next 4 years we drafted and graded every pattern.  hand dyed most of the fabrics.  sewed on every button.  in other words if it was something we could do ourselves in a day we did it.

my set up is pretty different now.  oami has her own line and lives on the other side of the country (though we talk on average every 30 minutes).  i still draft every pattern and create the sample but from there it goes to the seamstresses in san francisco.  they even sew on the buttons for me.

modaspia can be found at these fine shops!

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