new collections up


bauhaus, tie trouser and sportif ..

lange trouser, dia blouse and iggy vest by JUDAH ROSS in the shop too ..

pintuck blouse in oxblood, ikat or green python print silk ..

pintuck in black, tie trouser in charcoal and skirt in taupe ..

pintuck in rose silk, tunic in silver linen and skirt in black ..

after a very long week we now have the new collections up in the shop.  FALL and the extended TRAVEL collection (mostly black) are available.  the new model is soraya, very quiet and charming.  i think she fits the look of modaspia like a glove.  please have a look at these collections when you can.  i’m quite proud of the new styles and they’ve proved popular in the shops they went to a few weeks ago.  i’ve added some pieces by judah ross that mix well too.  no surprise there, we worked together for many years while she shaped the original look of modaspia.  the dia blouse nearly sold out overnight so have a look!

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