some of the sweaters that will be available next week in the expanded knitwear collection by modaspia.  i’m really excited about what we put together, lenore and i.  we brought back the gia style in brown and charcoal and added another in black.  i love this sweater because it’s so light over your clothes, you can really layer it without it feeling bulky.  the yarn is wool, mohair and silk, very soft to the touch.  there are 3 new styles as well.  the bell sleeve jumper is just that, in a wool/baby alpaca blend.  a more substantial weight than the gia style jumper.  the alpine has a rolled neck and sleeve with a finished hem.  the colors are striated, blues and greens.  so beautiful.  the mossy one really is my favorite of all the sweaters.  we’re also adding the tassel sweater, a cropped cardigan with some swing to it.  the fun detail is the single tassel as button in front.  i’m sure we’re doing a very dark charcoal in this style and the other we’re sorting out friday.  that’s how we roll around here over tea and yarn swatches.  totally unrelated, i smoked a cigar with my father-in-law last weekend and decided i love it.  anyone else smoke cigars?  u. xo

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