around here ..


it’s like endless summer here.  every day begins cool but by noon it’s warm, often reaching toward 80 f.  i’m trying to soak it in lately, hanging around home more.  work, for now, mostly consists of shipping sweaters (thanks everyone!).  it rained for one special day last week.  not hard but enough to head out for a long walk with the dog and the kids.  when i was their age i spent the better part of a rainy day turning over the bricks in our front yard with my sister, looking for salamanders and anything moving around.  the creek would over flow and we’d go berzerk jumping around it making things float and just generally feeling euphoric for no reason.  as i was planting bulbs last weekend i tried to get my daughter interested but she looked a little bored.  i could see her taking in her surroundings, all the little sprouts, flowers, the stepping stones.  an hour later she was deep in fairy world.  the fairy was named after one of the my little ponies.  oh, you’re not familiar?  there’s a whole new show for girls her age.  somehow i know all their names and what their cutey marks are and i’m 49.  our chicks are now nearly full grown.  the kids can pick them up with little effort.  i guess i’m not fast enough because i can barely get near them.  they go completely quiet when she picks them up.  the last photo shows all the treasure i’ve found in the attic of our house.  i’m absolutely hell-bent on making the attic my new space, well our bedroom.  the really important part to me is to have a desk by the window that looks onto the backyard and the green hills that surround the town.  so that’s a new obsession.  it’s nice to have something to dream about anyway.

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