the bauhaus dress in black or print silk crepe de chine are back in the shop (travel collection).  if i were going on a trip someplace special that didn’t involve tents or coolers i would bring this dress.  it takes up less room in a carry on than a book.  after checking into my hotel room i’d hang it up in the bathroom and run a nice hot bath, unwind and let the steam remove any wrinkles from the dress.  voila, the perfect travel dress for a night out.

btw !  the nasturtium print version of the bauhaus as well as 3 new fiji dresses will become available in the next few days.  as soon as i can track down princess soraya to model for me again.  the new dresses will be available in about a dozen shops across the country and canada as well so if you’re interested in finding one locally just write me directly.

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