eggs !

voila!  fresh hen eggs, i still can’t believe it!  i don’t know why i’m so surprised, this is what they do after all.  i’m pretty sure it is the red hen laying them now.  i’m sure the other 2 will start laying them soon, they’re all about the same age, 5 months old.  i made a delicious scramble for lunch of them with arugula from the garden, an irish cheese, sea salt and cracked pepper.  this morning i went down to the coop and sure enough the red hen was in there laying another egg!  (i know, CALM DOWN already).  i brought that one up this morning and made my daughter a dainty little poached egg with wonder bread toast and marmalade.  after i get my wholesale orders shipped off this morning i plan on tidying up the coop and stringing christmas lights across the top.  can’t wait to gaze down at this from the window ..

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