i am curious yellow

it’s been an odd year, to put it lightly.   which makes the fact that i’ve taken up smoking cigars on occasion less strange.  more strange is that i’ve gone back to yoga recently and enjoy it so much i’m there most mornings now.  there is no conflict of vice and body.  both are soothing.  i just don’t think i would have put this all together 20 years ago.  someone mentioned the swedish film i am curious yellow the other day and i remembered  seeing it in my late 20s.  at the time i lived alone, rented a lot of movies and smoked marlboro lights curled up in bed with a persian cat i loved like a child.  i remember the girl in the movie is trying to find herself and a lot of it is pretty awkward.  also, i remember vividly she tries yoga and just being really curious about it myself.  but i never tried it.  it’s funny so many years later i find myself in a class and relishing the introspection it offers.  it’s something that stays with you after class too and i’m so glad for that.  i’m in a very small town.  this is not new york or even san francisco.  when you’re able to open your world up a little, beginning from the inside out, that’s a blessing.  to enjoy the richness of where you are today right?

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