work, work, work


the year kicked off with a delicious bottle of prosecco and a lot of lounging about.  a week into january the kids went back to school and i went back to the studio to pick up where i left off with a fall collection to take to new york next month.  it is easily the biggest collection i’ve done to date, something i didn’t plan really.  what i’d planned over the summer was to abandon doing fall collections to sell to the shops and just doing something small for my own shop.  the idea was to take some of the pressure off at the end of the year as spring production and fall designing merge and basically make me crazy with lack of sleep and time away from home .. to take something off my plate as they say.  instead, i invited one of the new york fabric reps i work with to drop by the studio and show me fabrics for fall, since he was in the area.  like the fabric whore that i am i bought all kinds of things … beautiful fabrics that made me whistle when he brought out the swatches.  in the end i had what i knew would turn into a major collection on my hands.  there was only one thing to do but get to work on it.  i felt a little guilty about it, mostly because i felt like i drew a line between me and the kids and i found myself a little closer to the juki than the kids.  right before christmas i impulsively asked my husband if we should just pull giulietta out of school and take her to ny with us.  he asked why not take both of them?  and so it was settled ..

to be cont’d.

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