By ursula on 2014-02-24


last day in new york.  multiple appointments broken up by a nice lunch in nolita with my family.  i loved being with my kids this time and understand now why i had such a hard time emotionally when we came here without them a few years ago.  and this makes no sense but i think i could come without them now for a of couple days, to work, and not feel so unhinged.  sales went well.  met with a few people i’ve only worked with over email or the phone.  the girls from velouria in seattle, funny and cute.  both with kids and running a successful shop.  also met with people i’ve worked with for years now and truly love seeing on these occasions.  diana and zoe, both with shops in brooklyn and children almost the same ages as mine.  both smart, funny, mid-40s .. talked about kids and schools, public vs private.  had no idea people have to write letters to get into pre-school here?  finished with the buyers from nomad in cambridge, deb whom i truly love .. and nadira and ryan from vert & vogue, nadira a parisian and impossibly beautiful.  the trip is supposed to be about selling a collection but is always something else much bigger for me.  it gives me a chance to see how other people do it.  how they work within this business, have a family, evolve their business.  many of them are my age, some a little younger, some a little older.  there are no kids.  no twenty-somethings.  i kinda like that.  giulietta wants to open a restaurant now, that’s what she came away with.

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