i can’t wait to read this. viv albertine’s book on her life back in the day circa the slits (google it) era.  a few years ago i met up with some old pals and we went to see the raincoats perform in SF.  opening the set was viv albertine performing solo.  to be honest i was not expecting the person who came on stage.  viv was – well for starters she was incredibly hot!  very pretty, young looking, confident and carrying her guitar.  she performed maybe half a dozen songs with that sort of jumbly guitar rhythm she drove a lot of the slits songs with. she sang little stories about everything from sex to being a bored middle aged housewife. after about 3 seconds of this my friend and i made our way up to the front where we stood basically right in front of her, just stunned.  viv was 55 at the time i guess. it’s not often you see a woman this age wield that sort of wild confidence and sexiness on stage, or in life for that matter.  the interesting thing about her new music career is that it’s just that, brand new.  after the slits broke up in the early 80s she married, had a child and switched careers. basically she had nothing to do with music anymore.  it wasn’t until she was in her early 50s that she went back on tour (divorced) with the slits and then broke away to start a solo music career.  can you imagine?  she said she had to relearn the guitar but the songs flowed freely.  i’m not crazy about all of her music but i am in awe of her ability to start something new and brilliant that is essentially a young person’s game.  CLOTHES, CLOTHES, CLOTHES. MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC. BOYS, BOYS, BOYS. available this june.

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