forest kindergarten

film maker lisa molomot kindly sent me a copy of her latest work, school’s out:  lessons from a forest kindergarten.  a couple of years ago lisa chose me as her subject for a short video made for etsy, (something i will treasure for the rest of my life).  we watched the film last night with our kids and each of us not only loved it – none of us could stop chattering through it about what we saw.  the film follows a year in a controversial swiss kindergarten where learning takes place out doors year round in the forest. no reading or math.  there is a lot of play, building fires, sharpening sticks with knives, rope swings and nature all around.  it’s pretty fascinating to watch, the children are 7 years old.  they interview a few kids later when they’re a little older and of course they’re confident, curious, beautiful kids.  you can see a clip here.

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