on form

i apologize in advance for the pictures, i’m not very good with the phone at this angle.  a few people have asked about seeing the new dress on a model, which i don’t have at the moment.  when the summer collection goes up later this month i will have photographed everything on someone else as usual.  right now we’re in the cutting and sewing stage.  i am wearing the antique gold polka dot slip under both dresses.  it’s very simple, bias cut with spaghetti straps and a deep v.  the batik dress really doesn’t need a slip, it just feels nice.  you can see the dress is loose but the casing in front and back lend it a nice shape at the waist.  i am 5’7 and the dress is at my knee.  it feels comfortable, pretty.  my husband loved it, i thought that was a good sign.  hopefully this little expose will be helpful to anyone considering the dress.  i am ordering more fabric tomorrow and taking pre-orders on both colors until i run out of fabric.  of course i will be sure to have one of each size in the shop when we open.  thanks! xo

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