for fun

while designing women’s clothes this year i have also been thinking ahead to a new children’s collection.  pinterest has proved to be a lot of fun and above are some of the images i found inspiring.  my daughter, giulietta, is now 8!  she was a few days into 3 when i thought to try and sell a few things i was already making for her.  she still loves the simple skirts in linen and wool.  she’ll wear a pintuck blouse but is more interested in dresses lately.  basically she refuses to wear pants of any kind unless it’s her tae kwon do uniform.  i think in part she finds pants less comfortable.  she definitely has a tummy, like a lot of girls her age.  so rather than insist on some jeans i’d like to make her some clothes that are cute but practical.  a knit dress in color block for sure.  some new skirts (with pockets?). maybe a younger version of the fiji dress – this seems like such a great style made up in a dark plaid for girls, in autumn, with tights.  in addition to the clothes i’ll be offering a few other fun things – a simple book bag (or purse).  a few vintage toys.  a patchwork cloth ball for babies (i love this, my knitwear designer makes them).  any ideas?  feel free to drop me a line.  look for the new children’s collection mid-september, just in time for the new school year :>

the first pintuck blouse was white cotton voile for my daughter ..

skirts .. already had her pose worked out at 3 :>

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