kitten, cat, dog and 3 hens


came back from a walk with the dog this morning to find lucca in my son’s window.  lucca immediately took the new kitten under his wing, it was the sweetest thing.  my dog lexi on the other hand is still very tense around her.  after a lot of reading up on introducing new animals to the household i came to the realization i might not be able to leave them alone together until she’s at least twice as big as she is now.  luckily i can close off half the house and leave them both in a lot of the time.  in the evening i let them spend time around each other while lexi is in her crate or on my lap.  lexi has no interest in the hens by the way, something i discovered cautiously and over months.  they all wander the backyard while i’m out there with them.  all she really wants to do is play and if the chickens could throw a ball she’d lay down at their feet.  lucca and lexi were cautious around each other for the first couple of weeks but chose to ignore each other after that.  they are left alone together without problem.  the kitten on the other hand appears to the dog as a toy, that’s the sense i get.  a little scary but i think over time they’ll get used to one another.

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